What we do?


Having the right partner to expand your business in a new territory can be a daunting endeavour. FashionNet Anton Dell has the expertise, partnerships and well populated network of contacts to ease your brand into international export. Growing your brand in the fashion world is the business we are in. Based on our extensive network and global database, we source the best-suited wholesaler to match the brand. Our goal is to present a wholesale partner with aligned business acumen, necessary setup, and sales vision for the brand resulting in a partnership profitable for both parties. Our team engages all aspects of your business to ensure export readiness. Next, we intake your brand information to create resources to help convey your messaging to potential partners. In the search phase, we take all the attributes gathered for our brand placement specialists who will use our database and network to generate the best possible matches.

How we work

FREE Introduction call

Book a free consultation meeting with our sales experts to get the understanding of the wholesale business and to get to know us and how can we help you to grow your business. From the information shared, we will discuss the business from product to desired demographic to distribution opportunities.


FNAD Sales team creates a personalized, guided roadmap with an offer based on your needs and preferences. The roadmap is a detailed action plan to reach your goals of expanding your brand to new markets and take your business to a next level.


We will assess the level of preparedness needed to advance to the next steps. We will be along for the complete journey tinkering and stewarding per country as required.


Based on the brand DNA and understanding its objectives, we will vet the best matching wholesaler in our database. We connect your brand with the wholesaler and act as mediators, making sure agreements are long term and fruitful for all parties.