FNAD offers a range of services aimed at growing your business to expand globally. Primarily we introduce brands to agents or distributors in their desired international destinations. These include preparing your business for wholesale, gaining an understanding of your brand and its market positioning and making the most advantageous introductions to agents or distributors in the desired market. Through our partnerships we can also provide avenues to product development and branding work through our affiliation with WE are CoCo, logistics expertise from Greenway, and factoring from ModInt.

Our business proposition to our wholesale agent/distribution partners is to place brands that are most suitable to the market and the ecosystem of your showroom.  Our aim is to be the ears and eyes on the marketplace for brands that we can prepare to work with you from day 1.  Stay tuned for new developments on this website that will enhance your brand search.

Please contact info@fn-ad.co to set up a meeting so we can learn more about your brand and our business.  From the information shared, we will discuss the business from product to desired demographic to distribution opportunities.  We will assess the level of preparedness needed to advance to the next steps.  We will propose a roadmap that will demonstrate how we plan to ready the business for export complete with payment structure and timeline.  Our services run from basic to bespoke packages – all of which is assessed on the needs of your current business.

Our roadmaps detail the estimated amount of time it takes to complete the work and is based on your initial consultation with us.  The first month begins with preparation to collect all your digital assets and supporting materials to ensure that we are representing the most accurate and up to date picture of your product and branding.  The search phase involves discussions and meetings between our brand placement team and agencies, this phase can last several weeks or months.  The introduction phase will allow you to meet with potential wholesale partners guided by our team to see if the partnership is a match.

If you are interested in expanding your business beyond direct to consumer but you are unsure if this is the right step at this juncture of your business, we do have an informational seminar option available.  We offer hour long sessions describing the ins and outs of the entire export process and a Q & A opportunity after to ask specific questions about your business or the seminar topics.

We work internationally with all brands and agents.  We have offices in the UK (London), Canada (Toronto) and team members that work all over the globe.
From our initial meetings, we will gather information to help recommend the best possible destination countries for exporting your products. 

There are two reasons: first of all, we have been collecting data on agents and distributors worldwide for 19 years now and currently have the largest database in the world, with more than 40,000 contacts listed. Secondly, as we are the largest company of our kind in the world offering this service, we are fortunate to have the market to ourselves.

We cannot guarantee placement, however, we do have a very high success rate. We do endeavour to actively communicate along the process to keep you informed and if there are cases where agents are have feedback, are not interested or timing is not advantageous.

FashionNet Anton Dell utilizes safe and secure payment services from GoCardless to streamline automated payments also known as direct debit (ACH). GoCardless has won multiple awards for their fintech operations servicing small businesses and large multinationals alike such as Epson, DocuSign, Deloitte and thousands more. Their security protocols have been audited and certified by the international standard ISO27001 since 2016. Payments are fully protected by strong encryption through the entire process and in the case of a misstep or error, you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee and the transaction can be reversed. To keep security at a high level, only the most pertinent information from you is collected and securely held in a multi firewalled server by GoCardless.